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Offers classical, traditional, very strong and distinctive Korean atmosphere.

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Our staff is always there to provide the best service to you. We consider you as Korean Royal guests, and we would serve you to enjoy your unforgettable sensational dining experiences.


CV Berkat Anugerah Sentosa

SamWon House - Setiabudi One

SamWon Express - Central Park

SamWon Express - CSB MALL Cirebon

SamWon Express - WTC Batanghari Jambi

SamWon Express Lampung

SamWon Express Candra Antasari Lampung

SamWon Express Bengkulu

SamWon To Go Gambir

K-Drink Bengkulu

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Gambir

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Kawan Lama

SamWon Express Lippo Mall Puri (Opening Soon)

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Tanjung Duren (Opening Soon)

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Kedoya (Opening Soon)

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Karang Sari (Opening Soon)

Ayam Geprek YAGO Chicken Karang Tengah (Opening Soon)

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Sat - Sun : 10 AM - 2 AM
Mon - Fri : 12 PM - 11 PM

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Every Thursday, 4PM – 7PM